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Step into Grayskull, a production house with the personalized attention of a creative boutique and the production craft of a true international powerhouse, that has been captivating international screens since 2015.
Grayskull not only develops, produces projects and services but also refines them beyond conventional narratives, infusing each director's unmistakable style.
Though based in Barcelona, they reach across borders, as they've forged partnerships with friends across the globe.

Our friends:


Eastern Europe

Client  Netflix

Client  Giannis Antetokounmpo

Client  Gatorade

Client  Mercedes

Client  Beko + FCB

Client  Coca-Cola

Client  Asics

Client  American Tourister

Client  Wind

Client  Apple

Client  Vodafone

Client  Beko + FCB


Augusto de Fraga has one mission: To show you the world like you’ve never seen it before.
Using unimaginable angles and highly dynamic transitions, the Azores-born multi-talent
utilizes his experience as both a director and camera operator to his advantage
in his constant search for unique perspectives.